Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the most sought-out branch of Engineering. In the constantly evolving technological scenario Mechanical Engineering has been the very backbone of the industrial infrastructure. It is an area of study in which knowledge of mathematics and science are combined together with experience and judgement for fulfilling the practical human necessities. The formal education of a Mechanical Engineer includes subjects such as Material Sciences, Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, Mechanical Vibration, Design of Machine Elements, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat & Mass Transfer. The Department initially was headed by Dr. Thirumalleshwar till the year 2003, followed by Dr. S.V. Kota Reddy, till November 2008. The Department is currently headed by Prof. S. M. Khot, having 21 years of teaching & research experience and has a faculty poised to deliver quality engineering education.

Apart from these conventional subjects, advanced subjects like Finite Element Methods & CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing), Mechatronics, E-Commerce are also taught as an attempt to bridge the gap between fast changing industrial scenario &b University learning. Mechanical Engineers must be able to control mechanical systems and usually work with other professionals in designing these systems. They also offer their expertise in the fields of Aeronautics, Robotics, Automobile, Bio-medical, etc. The Department contributes new knowledge through research in Mechanical Engineering and allied disciplines. In addition, it seeks to maintain recognition through scholarly work and service to the college, the university and the external community. The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Fr.C.R.I.T. is to educate the next generation of leaders in the mechanical engineering profession; create, explore, and develop innovations in engineering science and technology; and to provide beneficial service to the local, state, national, and international communities.

Established in the year 1994, the Department offers four years Bachelors Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering with an initial intake of 40 students. Intake was increased to 60 from the year 1995. The Department is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation for three years in the year 2006.