Department of Electrical Engineering

Electricity has been a subject of scientific interest since at least the 17th century and hence is considered as one of the oldest branch of engineering. The students are taught to design, analyze, implement and operate electrical and electronics systems efficiently, thus opening the doors to new challenges. In this aspect the students are given in-depth knowledge in Machines, Power Systems, Control System, Signal Processing Drives, Power Electronics Microprocessors and Switched Mode Power Supplies. To impart this we have well qualified experienced and dedicated staff in the department.

In our endeavor to popularize the field we have included in our curriculum subjects like Design and Estimation of Electrical Systems, High Voltage DC Transmission System, Analysis and Design of Switched Mode Converters, Illumination Engineering, Project Management, Computer Application in Power System, Analog and Digital Circuits and Microprocessors which are the fastest developing fields. Project Management a subject in the final year, helps the students analyze and implement Tools and Techniques in handling projects efficiently and to become a good Project Managers.

The Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Programme is accredited by the “National Board of Accreditation” of the All India Council For Techncial Education.