Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering

Departmental Activities


To enhance the Industry-Institute interaction and also to make the students aware of the latest developments in the field of Electrical Engineering every semester the department organizes a technical event “Vidyut”. Here students get an opportunity to interact with the experts from the industry and academicians from IIT’s and other Institutes.

CHIEF GUEST: Mr.S B Agarkar (Exec. Director, HR, NPCIL)

    • Morning Session:

    • A seminar was held on ‘Nuclear Power’ for the students of 3rd year. 


      Guest Speakers: 1. Mr. S.P Dharne 


      Associate director (CFD and FA) Directorate of reactor safety and analysis. 2. Mr. C.V Rao 


      Engineer(HP), NPCIL.



    • Morning Session:

    • A seminar was held on ‘Energy Auditing’ for final year students. 


      Guest Speakers: 1. Mr.Narendra Jadhav 


      Senior manager, Reliance Energy ltd.


2. Lecture Series 

Sr. No.


Name of the Staff Memeber


Journey of machines from materials to applications

Mrs. Mini Rajeev


Programmable Logic Controllers

Mrs. Harshada Bhosale


Brushless D.C. motors and servo-motors

Mrs. Bindu S.


Comparison of Buck and Boost converter

Mrs. Ruchi Hachandani


Batteries for solar photo-voltaic system

Mrs. Seema Jadhav


Energy storage element- A case study

Mrs. Rashmi Kale


Study of replacement of CFL with LED

Mrs. Divya M.


Demand side management

Mr. Mahendra Rane



Mrs. Sreedevi N.


Mathematics in Music

Mrs. Keerthi Unni

3. Repair Workshop 

A Repair workshop for Home Appliances was organized for the sem. 4 and sem. 6 students with the intent to improve their practical skills. The students were divided in small batches wherein they performed various tests on the appliances.
The Workshop received tremendous response from the students. The workshop was conducted by Mr.Sawant and Mr.Shashank from the Electrical Department in the Machines Laboratory. Some of the Appliances included Tube light, Fan, Switch board etc.