Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering

EESA (Electrical Engineering Student's Association)

All electrical students are members of EESA, which provides a platform to develop and showcase their talents. The basic aims and objectives of EESA are:

1)      To enhance the knowledge and get an access to the latest practices of the industry in the field of Electrical Engineering.

2)      To facilitate the sharing of information and ideas on these latest trends among Electrical Engineering students.

3)      To develop competitive spirit amongst the participants.

4)      To organize technical programs and activities such as Technical Seminars and workshops regularly.

The council members of EESA are elected by the students every year.The major activities conducted by EESA are TRANSIENT and REPAIR WORKSHOP


An intercollegiate festival organized and successfully conducted by the EESA students.The events organized were

a)Switch Kraft

b)Decipher the clue


d) Trace Back the Track

e) Balance the Bridge.


A Repair workshop for Home Appliances was organized for the sem. 4 and sem. 6 students with the intent to improve their practical skills. The students were divided in small batches wherein they performed various tests on the appliances.
The Workshop received tremendous response from the students. The workshop was conducted by Mr.Sawant and Mr.Shashank from the Electrical Department in the Machines Laboratory. Some of the Appliances included Tube light, Fan, Switch board,Mixer etc.

The present council members (2014-2015) are:

  Staff Co-ordinator : Ms.Sreedevi S Nair

  Chairperson : Arpit Bohra

 Secretary : Chintan Patel

 Treasurer: Jenny Ann Mathew

 Magazine Editor : Nilanjana Nag

 Sponsorship Head: Akshay Wadkar