Welcome to Department of Electrical Engineering

EESA (Electrical Engineering Student's Association)

All electrical students are members of EESA, which provides a platform to develop and showcase their talents. The basic aims and objectives of EESA are:

1)      To enhance the knowledge and get an access to the latest practices of the industry in the field of Electrical Engineering.

2)      To facilitate the sharing of information and ideas on these latest trends among Electrical Engineering students.

3)      To develop competitive spirit amongst the participants.

4)      To organize technical programs and activities such as Technical Seminars and workshops regularly.

The council members of EESA are elected by the students every year.The major activities conducted by EESA are TRANSIENT and REPAIR WORKSHOP


Students’ Chapter of IEI is formed for initiating and imbibing the feeling of belongingness into fraternity of engineering to which the students of engineering are destined. Students’ Chapter organizes technical events like Expert Lectures, Seminars, Mini Project Competitions, Training Programs, Technical Demonstrations etc. for the development of socio-techno intellectual qualities of the students and for encouraging their urge and surge for knowledge in a disciplined and guided system. An intra departmental mini project competition was held on 22/07/2017. Committee of IEI was formed for the academic year 2017-18 from the 3rd semester students The present council members are:

Staff Coordinator :Divya Sajeesh

Shaikh Saud Abdul R :Convener

Zope Khushboo: Committee Member

Mishra Utkarsh: Committee Member

Gigi Drishya: Committee Member