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Fr. Saturnino Almeida, Managing Director

‘‘Any sound disciplinary policy should aim at education rather than punishment, constructive correction rather than reproof and ’what is wrong‘ rather than ’who is wrong‘. Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be.” — Goethe

In the source of its relatively brief existense of twenty three years, Fr.C.R.I.T has established its reputation as a centre of holistis development. The focus here is on moulding students into not just knowledge- able and sapable engineers but also into individuals with strength of character. Hence, the insulsation of timeless values and multi-dimensional development of the personality is every bit as important as the imparting of sound teshnical knowledge and skills.
Discipline is the foundation stone upon which rests the edifice of learning. A dedicated and committed teaching staff takes painstaking efforts through a multi-pronged system comprising lectures, seminars, presentations and projects to make sure students understand fundamental concepts and theories.
But more importantly they use a well-entrenched disciplinary system of strict attandance records and periodic tests to ensure that students take the trouble to learn on a regular basis the knowledge that is offered to them. This accounts for, to a large extent, the consistent record of excellent academic results and university ranks. Apart from being the first engineering college to win the University of Mumbai basketball tournament, it made its mark in the realm of paper presentations and quiz competitions. In fact, its quiz team, this year,completed a hat-trick of wearing the Mumbai University crown and topped it off by winning the first prize at the national level.
The management philosophy of Agnels upholds the belief that the core objective of all education is to enable every student to accept him/her self as valuable, competent and capable of managing his/her own life in relation to the world around. To this effect, impetus for spiritual and emotional growth is provided through annual orientation sessions, while physical conditioning and disciplining is fostered through a compulsory trek every semester.
Fr.C.R.I.T is the only engineering college to conduct a morning assembly where punctuality and good behavior are vigorously encouraged.
We are indeed glad that all our branches were approved by the N.B.A. for accreditation but we also recognize that the true worth of an institute is gauged by the quality of students that emerge from it. It is our constant endeavor to develop students who are equipped to not merely survive the fierce jungle of industrial competition but rather to contribute towards the evolution of that environment into a humane , just, safe and beautiful world for humankind.

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