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The FCRIT, Training and Placement cell is committed to provide quality placement to all eligible students. The cell assists students in developing and implementing successful job strategies. We also counsel students in developing/ clarifying their academic and career interests. Our students are empowered with resources and activities to facilitate their career planning process. This results in final placement for our students in reputed companies throughout the country.

Branchwise Placement Statistics

Year Computer Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electronics and Telecommunication
Eligible Placed Higher
Eligible Placed Higher
Eligible Placed Higher
2014-15 58 37 13 50 43 7 56 51 9
2015-16 62 40 12 46 40 9 55 49 11
2016-17 60 56 10 42 38 6 53 49 9
2017-18 65 57 12 45 36 6 56 48 12
2018-19 66 63 11 55 50 8 50 45 12
2019-20 67 45 15 65 38 17 49 37 4
2020-21 65 51 16 62 25 10 54 38 18

Year Electrical Engineering Information Technology Overall
Eligible Placed Higher
Eligible Placed Higher
Eligible Placed Higher
2014-15 60 42 5 48 30 2 272 203 36
2015-16 58 50 2 53 44 4 274 223 38
2016-17 41 36 3 51 44 3 247 223 31
2017-18 52 42 4 65 43 1 283 226 35
2018-19 53 40 5 67 58 2 291 255 38
2019-20 60 39 15 65 47 12 306 206 63
2020-21 59 42 12 62 42 7 302 198 63
Total Students 1975 1534 304


To provide quality placement to all eligible students.


  1. To provide appropriate training to achieve highest possible percentage of placement

  2. To establish a training model to develop practical and soft skills of students

Objectives of Training & Placement


Counsel Students in developing / clarifying their academic & career interests.


Assist Students in developing & implementing successful job search strategies


Empower the students with resources & activities to facilitate the career planning process.


Support Employers to achieve their hiring goals.


Encourage students in obtaining final placements in reputed Firms.

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Placement Student Code of Conduct


The code of conduct for the training and placement students is applicable in two aspects in below mentioned points. The first aspect involves conduct of students during the training and registration for placement process. The second aspect involves the conduct of students during campus placement process.

Conduct for training and registration process

  1. Candidate should follow all the instructions provided by the Training and Placement Cell (TPC).
  2. It is mandatory for students to register for the company to participate in the placement process of the company. Any Student not registered is not eligible for Placement opportunities.
  3. Students interested in going for higher studies can give undertaking during registration process and request the TPC to not to register for the placement process.
  4. Students have to provide their authentic personal details for completing registration in the placement portal. Attempts to deceive this will result into debarring from the placement process.
  5. Attendance for the training sessions is compulsory and students having less than 75% attendance will be issued a warning. Further continuing of defaulter will result into debarring from the placement process.


Conduct during campus placement process

  1. Students have to follow guidelines as mentioned in the placement policy during orientation program at the beginning of academic year.
  2. It is mandatory for all students appearing for any process of campus drive to come in formals. Full Sleeve shirts, formal pants, formal shoes and well-groomed for gents. For Girls - formal clothes, no party wear.
  3. 2 copies of resume and passport photos and pen pencil and calculator should be always available with the students appearing for placement process.
  4. Students must keep their Identity Card with them at the time of Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) / Test /Group Discussion / Personal Interviews and produce the same when demanded by the visiting team or TPO staff.
  5. Attendance in PPT is mandatory after registration, to be eligible for further placement process.
  6. Students proceeding after the PPT for the next step in the selection process of a Company cannot quit in between. If a student quits in between the process, then he/she will be debarred and will not be allowed to appear in any other future placement event. Student has a fair chance to inform their decision of not continuing for the placement process to TPO, but final decision is with TPO.
  7. All post job-offer communication between student and Company should be channelized only through the placement cell.
  8. Direct communication with the company officials is Not Allowed.
  9. For the Pool campus drives in other college or if the company conducts any round outside the campus, the students who have registered / selected should compulsorily participate in the process. Students remaining absent in such cases will be debarred for any further placement opportunities.
  10. Any kind of misbehavior / complaints reported by the company officials will be taken seriously and if proven, the student will be debarred from future campus placements.
  11. If student is blacklisted, then he/she can approach placement committee to make formal request for removal from blacklist.

Eligibility Criteria

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Placement Officer

Dr. Mahendra Rane

Mobile : 9819072834

Assistant Placement Officer

Prof. Deepak Devasagayam

Mobile : 9920827263

Prof. Mritunjay Ojha

Mobile : 9987800789

Tel +91 22 2771000/27661924 extn 106

E mail:

Placement Team

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Statistical Data will come here!!

Statistical Data will come here!!

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