Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering

Final Year Projects 2018-19

Sr. No: Name of Project Guide
1. SPO2 MEASUREMENT Mr. Jatin Desai
2. Ultrasonic Navigation system for Blind People Ms. Anita Jadhav
3. Smart City Ms. Anita Jadhav
4. Drone Surveillance over the sea Ms. Sridevi N.
5. Autonomous Multi Terrain Modular Drone Ms. Sridevi N
6.  Autonomous Arial Vehicle Naviogation  Mr. Ashish
 7.  Augmentative and Alternative Communication device for paralytic patients  Ms. Amruta P.
 8.  Music Modulated Tens system for pain management  Mr. Yogesh C.
 9.  Solar Power Irrigation System  Ms. Pushpa U S
 10. Patient Safeguard system   Ms. Pushpa U S.
 11.  Vehicle tracking system using FPGA  Ms. Sneha R.
 12.  Automative attendance management system using face detection  Ms. Smita H.
 13.  Deep Learning Based caption generation for image databases  Ms. Megha K.
 14.  Multichannel TDC readout using FPGA (TIFR guided project)  Ms. Sadhana P.
 15.  Biometric Authentication by speaker recognition  Ms. Nilashree W.
 16.   Finger Vein Authentication for security application  Ms. Smita H.
 17.  Electro Gastro pelvic Graphy  Ms. Pranali C.
 18.  AI based BRVO detection  Ms. Pranali C.
 19.  Laser Based Vibrometer  Dr. Milind Shah
20. An implementation of object locating system in indoor environment Ms. Manita R.
 21.  Smog Detection and pollution alert system using Wireless Sensor Network.  Ms. Manita R.